Larimer County Horseman's Association

If you want to increase your knowledge and enhance the joy of working with the horse.

If you have a special spot in your heart for a horse - owner or not - and want to share your interest with like-minded people.

If you want to have an active part in ensuring the future of equine recreational opportunities, join us in the Larimer County Horseman's Association (LCHA).

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Issue 1A: Thank you to the voters of Larimer County for overwhelmingly approving Issue 1A. Your approval continues the preservation and management of these natural areas, wildlife habitat, riparian areas, trails for hikers, bikers, and horses, and other recreational opportunities.

Advocacy Education Community

Meet and mingle with active horse people interested in the future of recreational opportunities for equestrians.

ADVOCACY: Your membership supports trail maintenance, trail projects, and ensures future accessibility for horses. See About/History page for more information.

EDUCATION: Enjoy fun events, programs, clinics, and trail rides geared toward all levels of riders!

COMMUNITY: LCHA member teams are approved and trained to assist local law enforcement with large animal emergency evacuation. LCHA assists local communities with educational events